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(Words and music by IVO)



There once was a young boy who's dreams were all clear

When he played his guitar the stars were so near

He wanted to travel, to see all the countries

And nothing could stop him, he'd cross all the boundaries


And so he did travel for many a year

And life was so nice - he had nothing to fear

'Cause he always had friends, drinks and girls all around him

And a  tap on the shoulder:"Hey, man, you'really something..."


But then one day he looked in the mirror

And he saw a face that was slightly familiar

But it was so old and the eyes were half open

With the look of the drunks he had pitied so often


And now in his dreams there are glasses of beer

But then when he wakes up they all disappear

And he walks all alone, gets another day older

He walks and he waits for the tap on the shoulder


So please, don't you wake him, he's quietly sleeping

And the world that he dreams of is not the one that he lives in

Please, let him play his songs long forgotten

And forget for a while his life that's gone rotten...





Wenn jemand Grammatik-Stilistik-Sprach-Fehler findet, er darf sie behalten ;-)



All you need is Love!




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