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(Words and music by IVO)



I've been told there's no rainbow at night

But I was stunned by the seven coloured light

That shone above you as you walked through that lawn

And the moon sank down in a cloud like a stone


I tried to sleep but my dreams were all dead

I spent the night with a song in my head

But it was gone by the brand new day light

Faded away like a face out of sight


Yes, I tried not to think about you

Tried to get drunk but what good would it do

I couldn't get you out of my mind

And I felt worse than a fish in the sand


I tried to share the pain with some friend

He looked at me as if I were insane

I asked for help the heavens above

But they were dumb like my grandmother's stove


The worst of all is I damn surely know

I'll never reach you, I've lost every hope

The pain keeps pupming around with my blood

And I feel lonely like a stone in the mud


Yes, I've been told there's no rainbow at night...




Wenn jemand Grammatik-Stilistik-Sprach-Fehler findet, er darf sie behalten ;-)



All you need is Love!




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